Our aim is to improve life quality by implementing eco-technologies

Development of qualitative and quantitative indicators (environmental standards and requirements)

In order to improve the legislative and regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of production and consumption waste management,

Scientific and natural justification of the environmental draught to prevent ecological stability deterioration and deterioration of rivers and lakes stream conditions, and for sanitary and epidemiological needs of the population from water facilities held in trust of the State Enterprise “Kazvodkhoz” in the Turkestan region

Scientific and theoretical study of special equipment (Steam Generating System, Hot Oilers) transfer from liquid to gaseous fuel AktobeMunayGaz JSC

Паспорта опасных отходов, проект нормирования и размещения отходов (ПНРО) и программ производственного экологического контроля (ПЭК) для ГУ Филиал «Енбек-Акмола» РГП на ПХВ «Енбек» ИУ КУИС МВД РК

Greenhouse gas validation and verification

In 2018-2019 GREENORDA PROJECT LLP Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Body worked for the following organizations:

Scientific justification of compensatory nature protection campaign from the canal named after Satpayev K. into the river Tuzdy

The scientific justification on expansion of the South-Kazakhstan reserve zone of republican significance

Production and consumption waste sites ground observation

In 2019, as part of the program “Ensuring the preservation and expansion of the use of space infrastructure” of the subprogram “Services for the provision of space