Technical Committee on Standardization No. 103 “Greenhouse Gases Management” was based on “GREENORDA PROJECT” LLP according to the Chairman of the Committee of Technical Regulation and Metrology of Ministry of Infrastructure Development RK from 08 January 2018.


TC No.103 is a union of interested enterprises and organizations, representatives of state and executive authorities, which is established on a voluntary basis for the purpose of organizing and carrying out work at the national, regional and international level on standardization in the field of greenhouse gas management. The TC includes representatives of such organizations as: The national chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, Kazakhstan Association of Nature Users for Sustainable Development (KAPUR), JSC Zhasyl Damu, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, enterprises of nature users, project environmental organizations, greenhouse gases validation and verification bodies.

TC No. 103 is guided by the current legislation, the standards of the national standardization system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the regulations for the execution by the national standardization body of the function to organize the examination of national standards and their approval, other normative documents approved by the national standardization body.


The objects of standardization of TC №103 are normative documents in the field of greenhouse gas management in the following sectors of the economy: oil and gas industry, energy, mining and metallurgical industry; transport, agriculture, chemical industry, forestry, processing in the production of building materials: cement, lime, gypsum and brick, housing and communal services; landscaping of forest territories; prevention of land degradation; renewable energy sources; recycling of municipal and industrial wastes; transport.


Main directions of activity of TC №103


  • Participation in the development and examination of normative acts in the field of technical regulation, interstate and state standards and classifiers of technical and economic information, international, regional, national standards and classifiers of technical and economic information of foreign states and changes to them in accordance with ST RK 1.2, ST RK 1.23, ST RK 5.1, ST RK 1.9;
  • Preparation of proposals on definition of the main development directions of the state system in the field of greenhouse gas management;
  • Preparation of proposals for programs of the technical regulation state system on development of normative legal acts in the field of technical regulation and state standards;
  • Preparation of proposals and carrying out works on unification and harmonization of normative documents used in the republic with international, interstate, regional and national standards and documents on standardization of foreign countries;
  • Evaluation of technical achieved and level of standardization on objects assigned to TC №103.


Technical Committee on Standardization No. 103

“Greenhouse Gases Management”

objects of standardization (activity area)





TC name

The organization on the basis of which the TC was created (address and bank details, fax, e-mail address) International Standard Qualifier Code Objects of standardization (activity area)
Technical Committee on Standardization No. 103

“Greenhouse Gases Management”

GREENORDA PROJECT LLP 29 Syghanaq Street, off 1008



13.020 Environmental protection
13.020.01 Environment and environmental protection in general
13.020.10 Environmental management
13.020.20 Environmental economy
13.020.30 Environmental impact assessment
13.020.40 Pollution, pollution control and conservation
13.020.70 Environmental protection projects
13.020.99 Environmental protection, other aspects
13.040 Air quality
13.040.01 Air quality in general
13.040.20 Atmosphere
13.040.35 Clean facilities and associated environmental conditions
13.040.40 Stationary sources emissions
13.040.50 Exhaust emissions
13.040.99 Air quality, other aspects


The Technical Committee ISO/TC 207 “Environmental management” (Environmental Management) consists of 10 working groups and 6 subcommittees.


Working groups:

  • SO/TC 207/CAG 0 Chairman’s advisory group;
  • ISO/TC 207/DCCG Developing Countries Coordination Group;
  • ISO/TC 207/STTF Spanish translation task force;
  • ISO/TC 207/TCG Terminology Coordination Group;
  • ISO/TC 207/TG 1 Sustainable Finance Coordination;
  • ISO/TC 207/TG 2 Circular economy coordination;
  • ISO/TC 207/WG 8 Material flow cost accounting – General principles and framework Working group;
  • ISO/TC 207/WG 9 Land degradation and desertification;
  • ISO/TC 207/WG 10 Environmentally conscious design;
  • ISO/TC 207/WG 11 Green finance.



  • ISO/TC 207/SC 1 Environmental management systems;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 2 Environmental auditing and related environmental investigations;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 3 Environmental labelling;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 4 Environmental performance evaluation;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 5 Life cycle assessment;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7Greenhouse gas management and related activities;


ISO/TC 207/SC 7 consist of 12 working groups in its structure:

  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/JWG 1 Joint ISO/TC 207/SC 7 — ISO/TC 146/SC 1: Revision of ISO 19694-1;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/TG 1 Mitigation;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/TG 2 Adaptation;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/TG 3 Engagement and Communication;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 4 Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals at organizational level;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 5 Quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements for projects;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 6 Joint TC 207/SC 7 — CASCO WG: Verification and validation of environmental information;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 9 High Level Framework on Adaptation;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 10 Investments, financing and climate change;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 11 Climate change risk assessment;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 12 Adaptation planning;
  • ISO/TC 207/SC 7/WG 13 Radiative forcing management.




There are 7 stages of project development, each of which has the corresponding status (according to ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 Procedures for the technical work and Part 2 Rules for the structure and drafting of International Standards).


  • PWI — Project Work Item;
  • NP — New Proposal;
  • WD — Working Draft;
  • CD — Committee Draft;
  • DIS — Draft International Standard;
  • CDV — Committee Draft Voting;
  • FDIS — Final Draft International Standard.