«GREENORDA PROJECT» Ltd  provides services for the development and coordination of the mandatory environmental documentation for all legal entities as well as conducting environmental audit in accordance with the rules and requirements of the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Legislative framework:

Environmental Code (Ch. 9, Art. 80-94)

Types of Environmental Audit:

Mandatory environmental audits are generally initiated by regulatory authorities and include verification of compliance with environmental legislation.

The obligatory ecological audit is provided in the following cases:

  • the economic or other activity of the subject has caused significant damage to the environment;
  • the natural user, who deals with hazardous activities, undergoes a reorganization procedure;
  • an environmental user who is engaged in hazardous activities is declared bankrupt.

The initiative ecological audit is carried out by decision of the enterprise management, in cases of industrial or other necessity in order to receive scientifically-justified recommendations concerning the organization of activities on natural resources rational use and protection of the environment.

Ecological Audit: Stages

  • preliminary review with the auditee;
  • drafting audit plan;
  • documents collection and analysis;
  • site visits and interviews of the employees;
  • identification of the list of necessary studies and their conduct (including laboratory tests);
  • identification of environmental risks;
  • preparation of proposals to improve the environmental situation;
  • execution of environmental audit report.


Auditor requirements:

State license for carrying out ecological audit at the objects of the first category of economic activity license possession.

Report on the results of ecological audit

The report on the obligatory Ecological Audit is sent to the customer and the authorized body in the field of environmental protection.

The report on the initiative Environmental Audit is confidential and is provided only to the customer of the auditee.

Service cost:

The cost of the obligatory and initiated Environmental Audit service is determined individually. The price can increase because of the type of activity of the enterprise, the number of emission sources, the need for laboratory studies, the region of the auditable object.


We will help you to solve the local problem – we will prepare a package of documents, and we will organize support until the result is obtained.

GREENORDA PROJECT LLP is a member of «Kazakhstan Chamber of Environmental Auditors», has all the licenses and extensive practice.