The specialists of the GREENORDA PROJECT LLP are developing production and consumption Wastes Disposal Limits Project (WDLP).


The draft waste disposal regulations are necessary for economic facilities that have waste storage or long-term storage sites on their balance sheet.


Data on the state of atmosphere, soil, water at the boundary of the sanitary protection zone of the waste storage, obtained as a result of regular production ecological control, are used for calculation of Wastes Disposal Limits Project.


Legislative framework:


Environmental Code (Chapter 8, Article 72);

Procedure for determining emission standards in the environment approved by the Minister of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan Order No. 110-p dated 16.04.2012;

Guidelines for calculating volume of waste production.


Service stages

Specialists carry out the accounting and description of waste production, storage, location sources (waste inventory);

Based on the inventory, the calculation of the standards (limits) of the formation and placement of waste is carried out;

The classification of waste produced at the enterprise is carried out and the sections of the project are drawn up in accordance with the regulatory documents for the design of the project;

The developed project is submitted for approval to the Customer and after that it is sent to the state ecological expertise;

Approved project with a positive conclusion of the state ecological expertise is transferred to the Customer.


Wastes Disposal Limits Project duration:


For 1,2,3 object categories – 10 years, for 4 categories – indefinitely.




The final cost of developing Wastes Disposal Limits Project is individual. The cost depends on the category of organization, number of emission sources, type of waste, the location of the facilities and the number of industrial sites.




We accompany the customer before receiving a positive conclusion of the state ecological expertise of the Wastes Disposal Limits Project.


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