The “GREENORDA PROJECT” LLP offers the development of a program of Industrial Ecological Control (IEC) in Astana and Kazakhstan.


Private individuals and environmental companies of categories 1, 2, 3 and 4 must carry out Production Environmental Control.


The program of Production Environmental Control development is carried out by the nature user independently or with the help of specialized organizations.


The program should contain a list of indicators that are monitored by environmental monitoring – air, soil, water. It specifies the criteria for determining frequency, duration, frequency of control measurement, tool and calculation methods.


The Environmental Code (Chapter 14, Article 131) provides the legislative basis for the development of the document.


List of documents for the development of the IEC program:

Company contact information;

Projects of maximum permissible emissions in the environment.




Should not be agreed in an authorized body.


Program of Industrial Environmental Control project duration:


For 1,2,3 object categories – 10 years




The final cost of developing Maximum permissible emissions project is individual. It can increase according to the number of emission sources, the location of the facilities and the number of industrial sites.

The company participates in the formation of environmental legislation, so we are always aware of the latest changes.


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