Center for training and advanced training – GREENORDA LLC 7 to 9 August 2021 held a training course in Almaty city on the topic “Environmental Code 2021. Law Enforcement. Industrial environmental control. Types of ecological audit. Emission permit”.

The participants of the course were engineers-ecologists and lawyers from the metallurgical and oil and gas industry.

The requirements and principles of the new draft Environmental code of the Republic of Kazakhstan are considered in comparison with the current one.

The following issues were discussed in detail: Changes in the issue of integrated environmental resolution, waste management, strategic environmental assessment, greenhouse gas management.

Recommendations to enterprises of 1-2 categories of economic activities were given:

– development of technological standards for obtaining an integrated environmental permit;

– development of the structure of the industrial environmental control program of at the enterprise;

– preparation of reports on the results of the industrial environmental control.

Recommendations on practical use of automated measuring system on fixed sources of emissions, methods of measurement are considered. The discussion revealed that the hot method for determining emissions is the most accurate.

The requirements in the Environmental Code for greenhouse gas management, greenhouse gas documentation, inventory of greenhouse gases, validation and verification of greenhouse gases, rules for changing and obtaining greenhouse gas emissions quotas were also considered.

The participants completed the practical tasks, received certificates and expressed their gratitude for the organization and content of the course.