According to sub-paragraph 5., item 1 of Article 130 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, when carrying out industrial environmental control, the user has the right to establish an automated system for monitoring emissions to the environment at pollution sources in accordance with the procedure for conducting automated monitoring of emissions to the environment while carrying out industrial environmental control and in accordance with reporting requirements on the results of industrial environmental control.

Automated emission monitoring systems are designed for continuous real-time measurement of gas (smoke) emissions concentrations, as well as for calculating the gross emissions of the following substances: Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, NOx), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Carbon Mmonoxide and Dioxide (CO, CO2), Oxygen (O2), Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Toxic substances, etc. Monitoring systems are equipped with data transmission devices.

«GREENORDA PROJECT» Ltd will design and develop an automated monitoring system for emissions to the environment specifically for your needs. We provide start-up and commissioning support, training for your workers and maintenance.

Automated monitoring systems for emissions to the environment have been designed to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements described in the laws on air pollution control in various countries, including the Republic of Kazakhstan. It helps to comply with the requirements of the law on emissions, collection and transfer of information to the state fund of data of state environmental monitoring. Our systems allow you to control:

Sulfur dioxide (SO2 )

Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2 )

Carbon dioxide (CO2 )

Oxygen (O2 )

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Total hydrocarbon content

Hydrogen sulfide (H2 S)

Optical density and mass concentration of dust

Ammonia (NH3), etc.

We offer environmental monitoring systems for emissions from typical to more complex, customer-specific technical tasks that allow you to analyze a big number of components in multiple gas streams using specialized data collection and processing systems. The systems provide automatic daily calibrations and do not require additional maintenance.

Our solutions for continuous emission control help to protect the environment and meet new, more stringent regulations while improving process processes.

Through the reliability that has been proven in practice, low cost of ownership, flexibility in system design and high productivity, environmental emission monitoring systems are an excellent solution for managing technological processes under the tough conditions of today’s regulatory framework.

Field of applications:

– Oil and gas;

– Electric power;

– Mining;

– Metallurgic;

– Chemical;

– Agriculture;

– Transport, etc..