In order to improve the legislative and regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of production and consumption waste management, validation of requirements regulating the safe management of waste and revealing the provisions of The Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the request of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2015 developed:

National waste management standards:

Waste. Environmental requirements for construction waste management.

Waste. Paper and cardboard. General requirements.

Waste. Household solid waste landfills. General design and construction requirements.

Waste. Solid household waste landfills. Closure and rehabilitation.

Designing, construction and operation of drainage systems for filters collection and disposal. General requirements.

Design, construction and operation of landfill gas collection systems. General requirements.

Design, construction of anti-filtration screens. General requirements.

Industrial waste containers. General requirements.

Methodologies, rules and guidelines:


Methodology for determining the hazard level and coding of the unaccounted by the current classifier waste;

Methods of calculation for municipal waste processing tariffs;

Recommendations for changes and additions to the current Classification of recommendations for changes and additions to the current Classification of waste;

Regulations on accounting and reporting in the field of waste management of production and consumption;

Methodological recommendations for waste management in the oil industry;

Rules for determining the concentrations of pollutants in the emissions of air pollution sources at the border of the plant sanitary protection zone;

Methodological guide for the organization and conduct of industrial environmental monitoring;

Method of determination of influence of thermal pollution on water objects at discharge of waste water with temperature exceeding 30ºС.