Today the construction of reservoirs regulating river flow can stabilize seasonal and long-term river flow. Reservoirs makes it possible to correct the peaks of water abundance, significantly minimize the harmful effects of water during the flood period. At the same time, a reserve is created to cover the shortage of water in the summer and autumn low water season.

Such a function of hydraulic regulation is positive for the rivers of arid zones, which has been practiced for many centuries. The negative consequences of the natural runoff regime breakdowns are observed and realized much later. The consequences of ecosystem disturbance, in part of natural runoff, are less noticeable, since they are partly compensated by economic launches. Such ecological consequences as salinization of floodplain soils, change of plant associations to less productive, reduction of biodiversity are not quite obvious and insignificant, due to inertia of the river channels and floodplains degradation process.

Overall, in the period from February to December 2015, the GREENORDA PROJECT LLP developed “Scientific justification of compensatory nature protection campaign from the canal named after Satpayev K. into the river Tuzdy” by the order of the Natural Resources and Environmental Management State Enterprise of the Karaganda region of the RK.