Emission limits are limits, which are determined on the basis of calculations for each emission source and the enterprise as a whole, with the condition that environmental quality standards are met.


The maximum permissible discharges standards (draft standards for the maximum permissible discharges) are established for each discharge of waste water of the operating enterprise – water users, based on the conditions of inadmissibility of exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances the control section or on the site of the water object, taking into account its intended use.

Legislative framework

Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chapter 8, Article 72;

Procedure for determining emission standards in the environment approved by the Minister of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan Order No. 110-p dated 16.04.2012;

Methodological guidelines for calculating pollutant release.


Drafting base


Projects of the maximum permissible discharge are developed by natural users, who discharge sewage into surface water objects, on terrain, filtration field and into waste ponds. According to the approved regulations of the maximum permissible discharge, a permit for emissions into the environment is issued.


Work stages


  • Inventory pollutants discharges sources into water objects;
  • Development of the PTS project according to approved methods;
  • The developed project is submitted for approval to the Customer;
  • Transfer of the project to the customer for approval and signing;
  • The project is transferred to the Customer after the state ecological appraisal positive conclusion;
  • Obtaining a conclusion on the project.


Terms of maximum permissible emissions project approval in government bodies:

for the first category of economic activity objects – 2 months;

for the second – 1 month;

for the third and the fourth – up to 10 working days.


Maximum permissible discharge project duration:


For 1,2,3 object categories – 10 years, for 4 categories – indefinitely.


Cost of services


The final cost of developing Maximum permissible discharge project depends on the number of emission sources, the location of the facilities and the number of water ejectors.